12 Angry Men

For this assignment we were assigned a character from the movie “Twelve Angry Men” by Sidney Lumet. The movie is about how eleven jury members change their mind from guilty to not guilty. This all because of one jury member is not convinced in the guilt of the convicted.

We were also given a podcast “This American Life – Arms Trader” about a man who was accused of terrorism and trading arms. He’s found guilty in the end of the podcast.

We had to turn the Twelve Angry Men story into the Arms Trader podcast story.

The character I’ve got assignment to is Juror #3 played by Lee J. Cobb. He’s a bullying, rude and husky man, extremely opinionated and biased, completely intolerant, forceful and loud-mouthed, temperamental and vengeful. Estrangement from his own teenaged son causes him to be hateful and hostile toward all young people. He stays arrogant, quick-angered, quick-to-convict, and defiant until the very end.

All these emotions and shift in opinion we had capture only using typography.