Philips – Awards

For this practical assignment Philips gave us three datasets to work with. The first data set was a list with all the employees which work or worked for Philips design including a list with projects they had worked on. The second data set we had to extract from multiple presentations and keynotes concerning the awards Philips had won over the last years. Thi third and final dataset we had to make ourselves using sensors.

Because we had to extract the data from multiple presentations and keynotes it became apparent that not all data would be available therefor we decide only to use the data that was complete.

The visualization is build up by three layers when interacting with the visualization. The first layers shows the year, the second shows the organizations in that year and the third shows the product with the awards the product has won. The timeline at the bottom is a visualization in itself visualizing the amount of awards won within a particular year.

Having tried to add images I decided to keep the layout simple and clean because the images made the overall experience cluttered and messy.