Philips – Employees

For this practical assignment Philips gave us three datasets to work with. The first data set was a list with all the employees which work or worked for Philips design including a list with projects they had worked on. The second data set we had to extract from multiple presentations and keynotes concerning the awards Philips had won over the last years. Thi third and final dataset we had to make ourselves using sensors.

To visualize the employees we wanted to create an organic visualization who showed the different connections intertwined between all the people that worked ar had worked for Philips. Much like a big organic living organism. For this reason we wanted be able to zoom through the different levels of information. The first zoom level would be the cities at their geographical positions. The second, the employees that work in that particular city and the third the projects the employee works or worked on. Besides being to zoom into these different nodes, connections where being made between employees to show correlations.